California Vehicle Code Section 23152(a) and 23152(b) are referred to as DUI Charges. When you arrested for a DUI you need to contact an attorney immediately to discuss your options. You have 10 DAYS from the date you where arrested to request a DMV hearing to stop your license from being suspended. If you miss that window your license will automatically be suspended. Call the Leah Gillis Law now to avoid immediate suspension of your license by DMV.


There are several possible defenses to Battery on a Police Officer, but some of the main ones are:
1. The conduct of the officer including the reason for you to be stopped
2. Whether the filed sobriety tests where conducted in accordance with the law
3. Issues with the blood test results or breathe test results that could lead to a dismissal


A DUI can range from a simple driving under the influence charge to DUI causing injury, \Felony DUI, Vehicular Manslaughter and Gross Vehicular Manslaughter. These all have greatly varied ranged of possible consequences but all with have the following:
A. Misdemeanor DUI:
-A minimum three years of probation.
-A County Jail Sentence
-A large court fine. (Roughly $2,000)
-Reimbursement to the alleged victim for any medical and/or counseling services he/she reasonably incurred as a result of the offense. (if there was a victim)
-DUI classes
-Drivers license restrictions
B. DUI with Injury:
-If charged as a misdemeanor this could result in a maximum of one year in county jail.
-If charged as a felony this could results in up to three years in custody and a $10,000 Fine.
What’s Next:

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