California Welfare and Institutions Code defines Drug and Narcotics Crimes. There are many different charges that range from large-scale drug trafficking and manufacturing to simple possession. We can Help you fight the charges against you and if necessary help you secure drug treatment.  CALL NOW for a FREE CONSULT with an experienced attorney in DEFENSE of Drug and Narcotics Crimes at (209)-824-4520.


There are several ways to attack Narcotics Charges often the first path is to shed light on the misbehavior of Narcotics Officers resulting in a Motion to Suppress the Evidence Seized resulting in the CHARGES BEING DISMISSED. Common issues with police misconduct in these cases are:

  1. Suspects are set up in violation of entrapment laws
  2. Violation of the clients 4th amendment right to not be searched without a warrant or probable cause
  3. Improper use of confidential informant
  4. Dishonest statements as the basis for a warrant
  5. Falsehoods in the police report leading to the charges
  6. Arresting people without sufficient evidence that Narcotics belonged to them


What’s Next:

For more information about your charge and potential penalties and defenses contact an attorney immediately. If you or your family member has been arrested for these charges CALL NOW for a FREE CONSULT with an experienced attorney in DEFENSE of DRUG and NARCOTICS CHARGES at (209)-824-4520.